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The Ministry of Education has informed that the SSC examination of 2022 will be held in a short manner under the completely new rules. And the date for taking the SSC exam in 2022 has already been announced. According to the announcement, SSC examination is going to be held from 19th June 2022. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The new rules will be adopted after completing the SSC examination this year and there have been several changes. In the SSC 2022 examination, it was mentioned that a total of 50 marks will be taken in half of the syllabus. Detailed information about how many marks students will pass in SSC 2022 examination if they get these 50 marks is mentioned in today’s discussion.

SSC Exam 2022 Mark Distribution

A total of 45 marks will be taken for the subjects which are practical and 55 marks will be taken for the subjects without use. In practical matters, three creative questions and 15 multiple choice questions have to be answered. On the other hand, in all the subjects which are not practical, 4 creative and 15 electoral questions have to be answered. On the other hand, a total of 50 marks in English first and second papers will be taken.

Students’ time has been reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours for taking this specific number of exams. During this 2 hour period students will have 1 hour 40 minutes to answer written questions and 20 minutes to answer multiple choice questions.

Click here to download SSC Exam 2022 short syllabus

This year four subjects have been omitted in SSC examination. It has been mentioned that tests will not be taken on Bangladesh and world identity, science, religion and information and communication technology. Students will also be given the result by converting to 100 marks even if they have taken half of the test.

After the students take the test of 50 marks, the result will be published by converting it to 100 marks.

SSC pass mark as per new distribution

Since the new rules of 2022 SSC examination are being adopted, the pass number has been created anew.

In the subjects in which the examination of 45 marks will be taken, 15 marks will be required for education.

In order to pass about 50 marks, the student has to get 17 marks.

And in order to pass in the exams taken by 55 marks, the students have to get 19 marks.

Detailed information about the new distribution of SSC 2022 exam has been discussed. Contact us for more details or to understand any part of the discussion. You can give your opinion by commenting below.

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