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The BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council) has launched a project called ‘Connected Bangladesh’ to provide internet services to remote areas of Bangladesh. The work of this project started in October 2016 and the work of this project will continue till December of next year (2023). This information was given in a notification sent to the media from BCC on 18th February (Friday). বাংলায় পড়ুন

The BCC will take steps to ensure internet access in 617 remote unions across the country through this project. They said that a high network would be set up in the underprivileged areas of telecommunication. At the same time, the project will play an important role in enhancing the interoperability, efficiency, transparency, quality of service (SOS) of the Bangladesh government by expanding the backbone network, as well as playing an important role in national economic prosperity, according to BBC Connected Bangladesh Project.

Remote Union Internet Services

BCC’s Connected Bangladesh Project T is working to establish network connectivity in remote areas deprived of telecommunication facilities. As a result, the general public in the region will be able to fully enjoy all the facilities of the Internet, said BCC Executive Director Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan.

The main goal and objective of this project called Connected Bangladesh are to provide various types of government services in remote areas deprived of telecommunication facilities and to provide network connectivity in all schools, colleges, madrasas, center telecom operators, etc. of 617 unions. And one of the objectives of this project is to increase the network capacity of Union Digital Center. The project will also promote high-speed internet usage, e-commerce services, telemedicine as well as increase employment in the IT sector and create new entrepreneurs, the sources said. And they believe that this will eliminate the digital divide in the country’s most remote, mountainous, and remote 617 unions.

Internet is Easy

The Connected Bangladesh project is being implemented with the funding of the Social Responsibility Fund run by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) under the Department of Posts and Telecommunications to expand telecommunication facilities. Under this project, work is underway to install 6,106 km of optical fiber cable at the union level and work is underway to install a backbone router and DC power system in the union and to renovate the room. 8,106 km of optical fiber cable and 5,000 km of duct have been purchased from Khulna till last month. According to a source, about 51.28 percent of the activities of Pop room Renovation and about 40.22 percent of the installation of optical fiber cable has been completed. A team consisting of 6 skilled manpower is working to implement this project.

Project Director Dr. Md. Broadband connectivity will be covered. The estimated cost of the Connected Bangladesh project is about Tk.

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