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Google and Gmail are two names we commonly hear. And and we think Google Account and Gmail Account are the same thing. Although the two subjects seem to be the same, in fact they are two different subjects. The main difference between a Google Account and a Gmail account is that you can use Google Account to enjoy all of Google’s services, and Gmail is one of Google’s services. We have discussed the differences between Google Account and Gmail Account in detail through this post so you can understand the difference between Google Account and Gmail Account by reading this post in its entirety. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What is a Google Account?

Google Account is an account for using various Google related services such as Gmail, Drive, Search, Map, Play Store, Meet, Calendar, Classroom Hangouts, Google Ad, etc. And one of these services is Google Mail or Gmail. To create a Gmail account, you first need to create a Google Account. It is very easy to create a Google Account. Provides information like name, phone number etc. Google account is opened. All Google services can be accessed using Google Accounts. For all activities like liking, commenting on videos on YouTube and creating playlists or opening channels on YouTube, first of all Google account is required and also Google account is required to run Play Store on mobile phone. However, Google has some other services that can be used in addition to the Google account, such as Google Maps, Google Books, etc.

What is a Gmail account?

Email is a means of exchanging digital fair messages instantly using the internet. Although there are currently many email services, Gmail is the most popular. Google’s email service can be used on any Internet-connected device. To use this Gmail account, you first need to open a Gmail account, but if you have a Google account, you will not need to open another Gmail account. You can use the mail account directly from the Google account. In addition to sending the same mail to multiple recipients, Google Drive has also used Gmail to send files of any size via Gmail. Gmail also has some great features like virus protection, spam filter and email remand.

The difference between a Google Account and a Gmail account

Users create Google Accounts and Gmail Accounts to manage emails in order to use Google’s various benefits. Let me explain the difference between a Google Account and a Gmail account

Use for

Google Accounts are used to access the services that Google has. A Google Account is required to access everything from Google Search to Google Drive services. Gmail, on the other hand, is one of Google’s many services for managing and communicating email.


A Google Account can be easily created with some information and phone number and you can enjoy all the features of Google using this Google Account. On the other hand, to create a Gmail account, you must first have a Google Account, which means you must have a Google Account to use Gmail.

So it can be said that Google needs your Google account for any need and Gmail account is required only for emailing. Hopefully since then you have understood the difference between Google account and Gmail account. Also let us know in the comment box if you are interested in any topic we will try to discuss in detail.

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