Perfume means perfume, cosmetics. It is a type of liquid that is used in cosmetics. But this perfume has many qualities. Perfume is a favorite cosmetic product for both men and women. Perfumes are again of two types. One is alcoholic and the other is alcohol free. Alcohol-free ones are usually made with flower juice in a natural way. And the ones with alcohol are made by mixing a little alcohol with different cosmetics. There are many who do not like the addition of alcohol. Especially religious people like Haji people. The main reason for using perfume is to get rid of unwanted body odor and to have a nice scent or fresh. People know that perfume is an English word as perfume. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The benefits of perfume

Perfume is a relaxing therapy product. It has a lot of aromatic ingredients that relax the mind. Improves health, retains memory, helps sleep. Again gives a lot of relief from headaches. There are also some perfumes that increase sexual arousal. Perfume doesn’t just spread perfume. Perfume has a lot of power which helps in increasing the fragrance as well as many other things.1608123925-5fda06153aaaf-right-fragrance

Why use perfume

Many of us know about this thing of perfume. We use perfume when we go out to meet our loved ones or when we go to an event or office. Some lies about love seem to make them become perfume lovers and the sense of smell becomes so sharp that they understand who uses which perfume. Again the scent of perfume helps to recognize a person. Perfume helps to keep the mind beautiful, not just the scent. The human mind is enhanced by the peace of the body, the beauty of the skin. Proper use of perfume or perfume improves happiness and brings peace of mind. It also helps to bring success in life.

Research shows that

  • It is possible to keep the mind fresh by using perfume. Because perfume has a historical fragrance.
  • Perfume alcohol, however, is often in low doses. However, this alcohol is like an intoxicant that helps to bring sleep.
  •  The good smell of perfume helps to bring peace of mind.
  •  Perfume can be applied to enhance the bad smell or atmosphere inside the house.
  •  Aromatherapy. This therapy helps to increase people’s strength, peace of mind and overcome various problems. Because this therapy is made with perfume.
  • There are many benefits to using perfume in any workplace.
  • Many perfumes contain citrus flowers and spices which have the power to calm the mind.
  • Again many perfumes contain chemical ingredients like pheromones which help in sexual arousal. Because it helps to be attracted to the body of others. Which helps to signal sexual arousal.
  • The fragrance of perfume helps to improve health. If the mind is in a bad mood, if you use perfume, the mind becomes restless.
  • Perfume has the ability to retain memories. That is, if someone uses the same perfume and you know that perfume, the fragrance of that perfume helps to remind that person even in his absence.

Caution in using perfume

1608123925-5fda061525f26-perfume Perfumes are used by famous people because of their quality. Not only that, everyone can use perfume. At least for mental health, good quality perfume should be used. Because this perfume makes you laugh when you make a mistake in choosing perfume. Perfume should be used to keep the mind well. A movie about this perfume was also released a few days ago. Where all the uses, advantages, disadvantages, advantages of perfume have been highlighted. However, the name of the film is also given as “Perfume”. It costs a lot of money to make this film. This is a German film. It is seen that the German industry spent around 516 crore taka behind the film. Even after watching movies, one should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of perfume.

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