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The most deadly epidemic in the world today is the Nobel coronavirus. According to scientists, the coronavirus is the most deadly of all the epidemics in the world. The coronavirus is expected to have the highest rate of infection and death among the world’s epidemics to date. Because it is a viral disease, its bacteria can easily enter the body of an infected person from one person to another. And all people who come in contact with an infected person are more likely to be infected with the virus. The rate of infection with this virus is increasing exponentially from two to four infected people and thus it is spreading. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Corona situation today

The number of coronary heart disease patients is increasing day by day all over the world. In the same way, its different types are increasing. The corona epidemic has changed in many ways since its inception. Although the symptoms are different, the type of infection and the mortality rate is the same. Before the end of the corona epidemic, other new species are being discovered in their new form. Scientists from around the world, starting with the World Health Organization, have yet to discover an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. However, the vaccines we receive are not completely effective. However, scientists believe that the vaccines they have discovered may not be completely effective against coronavirus, but a full dose of these vaccines will increase the body’s ability to fight the virus many times over, even if it does not prevent infection. Today’s latest and worldwide corona situation is –

The total number of victims is 42 crore 84 lakh 80 thousand 428 People.

The number of deaths is 59 lakh 9 thousand 614 people.

The number of well-being is 35 crore 36 lakh 36 thousand 736 people.

Deadly Omicron

At present, there is renewed panic all over the world for the omicron type of corona. As a result, many educational institutions and government departments around the world have declared public holidays. Educational institutions in India, Bangladesh, Australia, England, and many other countries have been declared temporarily closed till this wave of emissions. As a result, there have been major changes in the education system. Due to the corona epidemic and the closure of educational institutions, various problems are being created in different countries of the world. Students are becoming inattentive to study on the one hand and addicted to various electronic devices on the other. If no effective vaccine is invented very quickly, the whole world will face a big problem. As a result, people have to face a lot of losses to meet their daily needs.

Until an effective vaccine for corona is discovered, we need to encourage others to follow the rules of hygiene and be aware of ourselves. Every one must fully comply with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for avoiding coronavirus and infected hands. We can get a lot of relief from corona if we follow perfect hygiene rules. We can protect ourselves from corona infections by washing our hands with soapy water after a while, using hand sanitizer, using a face mask, etc.

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