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This Features that you must keep on the smartphone : If you are interested in reading this post then it is assumed that you have a smartphone. If not here’s a new product just for you! If not here’s a new product just for you! Because it is very difficult to live without smart phone nowadays. But if you do not keep some settings of this smartphone turned on, you may have to pay a heavy price for it. And I want those who read my writing to enjoy a wonderful digital life. বাংলায় পড়ুন

And in continuation of that effort, I have come up with this post today. So let’s take a look at the features that you should get on your smartphone right now for your own safety.


Many people do not want to keep the pin code check feature on their brother’s SIM. This is because the SIM card cannot be activated without another security code (PUK code) after giving the accepted PIN Code three times. This PUK code is written on the documents that are given with the SIM. If you change the PIN code of the SIM and then introduce the PIN code Visa, then you have to enter the PIN code every time you turn on the phone. Otherwise you will not be able to activate that SIM. So in this case if your phone is lost or stolen then no one will be able to use the SIM card. Because only you know its PIN Code.

মোবাইলের ব্যাটারি ও চার্জ নিয়ে প্রচলিত ভুল ধারণা গুলো জেনে নিন

If the PIN Code picture is turned on, the SIM key will not be turned on until the correct PIN is entered. If you give 3 times wrong PIN and usually 10 times wrong PUK code then that SIM will be permanently lost. So if you turn on this important feature, you will get rid of unwanted use of mobile.

This Features That You Must Keep on The Smartphone

Storage Encryption

Even if you lock the smartphone with a password, it is possible to retrieve all the stored data from your pictures and videos in a special way. I have seen many people cry after losing their phones for fear of leaking personal data. But with the screen lock, if you encrypt both the internal storage of the phone and the memory card storage, it will not be possible to recover Wifi and memory card data without encryption password. Encryption is a popular technology for privacy that bypasses data recovery is not the work of ordinary people.

However, some research institutes may have encryption bypass strategies with the Bangla Government authorities which cannot be stopped by anything.

স্মার্টফোনের ব্যাটারি ব্যাকআপ বৃদ্ধির অজানা কিছু কৌশল

GPS Tracking

When the phone’s data location / GPS is turned on, you can use the Find My Device feature to see where the phone is on the map, and you can lock or delete the data if you wish. However, if your phone is factory reset, then GPS tracking will no longer work.

App Locker

If you occasionally have to hand over your phone to others, you can use App Locker to protect your important litter. Some phones, including Xiaomi, have the Settings App Locker feature, which allows you to lock various phone functions that cannot be opened without a password or pattern or fingerprint. There are also third-party apps through which this feature can be turned on. This will allow you to properly protect your privacy.

Online Contact Synchronization

Keep the nature of your phone’s contact messages synchronized online. Almost every phone manufacturer as a company offers T through which phone number message notes can be saved online. You can also use Google Contacts app for Android. And there is iCloud for iPhone.

স্বামী স্ত্রীর ব্লাড গ্রুপ একই হলে সুবিধা ও অসুবিধা

Cloud File Storage

You can upload your important files like Lock Women etc. online from your phone. If there is any problem with the phone then you can access all your data online again so you can use Google Drive.

This Features That You Must Keep on The Smartphone

Upload Photos and Videos Online

No matter what the storage of the phone is, one day it will run out, that is, it will be full, so that you do not have to lose anything forever, so you can synchronize photos and videos online.

When WiFi is turned on, these are automatically uploaded online from the gallery, with privacy control in your hands, and you can upload your full-resolution photos on Flickr up to 1,000 GB of space.

This Features That You Must Keep on The Smartphone

In addition to online, you can keep a backup of all the data on the iPhone, that is, on your computer, so that even if the phone is great, you will not have the necessary information without your hands.

মহাকাশে মোট কতটি স্যাটেলাইট আছে? এবং এদের কাজ কি?

Some phones, such as the iPhone, have a very powerful activation lock system that allows you to use the phone without signing in online with the correct ID and password. In the case of the iPhone, this is called iCloud Lock. Activation lock is turned on manually.

In this case, if you want to reset the phone, you need to sign in to the Apple account. In that case, those who have started iCloud with Apple ID will need an ID password.

Thank you so much for reading our discussion from beginning to end. You can turn on any of the features mentioned in this discussion.

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