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Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. Half of this country is cold and half of it is hot. Today is the 29th day of the month of Falgun. But who is to say that the good quality is beyond the heat of the ripe evil of the month. By the way, spring has come this year with the help of summer. The effect of heat can be felt just outside the house. We all know what to eat and what to do this summer. Let’s take a look at what we can do to prepare for the summer. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What to eat in extreme heat

The demand for water is much higher at this time of the year as it is hotter than any other season. So along with water, food saline, lemon water and young coconut water should be drunk. This is because the body becomes dehydrated in extreme heat and you should drink at least 10-20 glasses of water every day. Not only water but also tamarind raw mango should be eaten. Because they help to keep the body soft and cool. Again some seasonal fruits like mango, blackberry, banana should be eaten during this period. Chira-banana-yogurt, boiled eggs, boiled flour bread, bread, white vegetables, soft jelly, lemon, mint leaf syrup etc. can be kept as food. These keep the body cool. Apart from these, raw mango, cucumber, gourd, squid, patal, kalmi shak, greens can be eaten as vegetables and fruits. Panta rice can also be eaten.

This is because Pantabhat cools the stomach and enhances immunity. Many people like to eat pantabhat this summer. Mango, blackberry, watermelon, jamrul, palm, melons, ripe papaya, bell should be eaten. This is because eating fruits with plenty of water in summer eliminates the need for essential vitamins to be eliminated from the body. Getting up early in the morning in hot weather and eating green tea is very good for health. Green tea can be mixed with honey and lemon juice to make the body feel fresh in hot weather.

These should not be eaten during hot weather

In summer, you should not eat fruits that cause heat in the body which will make the body feel very hot. During the summer sherbet traders also sherbet made with seasonal fruits. It can be seen that sherbet shops are offered in different places at this time. Juice sales are on the rise at various street corners. But on the one hand they should not be eaten. Because of these there is a serious risk to the body. Many reports have shown that these are made with water. However, the water with which these sherbet or juice is made is not good for health at all. These waters are not good and safe water. Again, it is better to omit daily spicy and oily foods. This is because extra oily and spicy foods cause extreme heat and sweating in the body. Red meat is not a healthy food this summer. Because these foods cause extreme heat in the body. Tea and coffee should not be eaten again. Because tea-coffee makes the body rough and dehydrated. Dried fruits increase dehydration in the body so you should not eat dried fruits in hot weather. The most important thing is not to eat a variety of junk food, fried foods, polao, biryani and a variety of cold drinks. These generate heat in the body and make it feel hot. Extra cold water should not be consumed to get relief from the heat, especially in summer. Excessive sweating causes dehydration in the body. Eggs should not be boiled or fried in hot weather. But it is not right to eat too many eggs. So it is better to eat very little.

Do’s and Don’ts

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Because the intense heat of the sun is not only good for the body but also not good for health. Even if you are out in the field of action, you must try to move through shady places.

It is one thing to disturb everything on a hot day, but you should wear clothes that will give you comfort inside and outside the house. For example, loose, soft fabrics, which absorb sweat as well as feel a little cool. When you go out in such heat, you can definitely apply sunscreen and keep your face well from the sun. It is also good to cover your hair and go out because the hair gets dirty in the dust. The most important thing is to keep glasses and umbrella with you. It is better to take a bath every day according to the rules. However, to get relief from the heat, it is not good to take a bath more than once. It can be done twice at most, but not more than that. Cooking should be done with care during hot weather. At this time there is a possibility of spoilage of curry very early so it is better to eat stale food or food before spoilage. According to the rules, daily walking is good to avoid the sun. However, it must be done once before sunset and once after sunset.

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