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You might be surprised to know that Top 10 Things that Girls Secretly Search for The Most. Google We are constantly searching for different information. We ask Google any questions you may have. Some of these weird questions are asked by girls on Google. We have appeared today with some such questions and answers. So let’s find out without delay and the ten most secret questions that girls secretly search on Google. And the answer. বাংলায় পড়ুন

1. What is the Safest Way to Remove Unwanted Body Hair?

Answer: There are several ways to remove body hair. Which method you use depends on your skin type and the intensity of the hair growth. Threading and twitching work well for eyebrows. Waxing may be the best method for hands or feet. And if you want to use laser hair removal method, contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

স্থায়ীভাবে শরীরের লোম দূর করার উপায়

2. How to Grow Hair Fast?

Answer: There is no point in searching on Google about how it is possible to grow hair fast by coming at the end of the day by doing cruel things with hair all day long. If you want hair to grow fast, you need to provide the necessary nutrients to the hair. And must be protected from natural disasters. And when using any method of fast hair growth, you have to wait patiently. It is not possible to find a solution in one day. Many people stop cutting their hair at this time. But if the hair is cut in time, it helps in hair growth more.

Top 10 Things that Girls Secretly Search for The Most

3. How to Whiten Skin?

A: Women often buy lots of cosmetics to whiten their skin. For example, powders, foundations and many other types of cosmetics. But a healthy lifestyle is the key to whitening the skin. To do this you need to drink plenty of water, eat fruits and juices, follow a balanced diet and exercise. In addition, home remedies free from side effects can be used.

ত্বক ফর্সা করার উপাই জেনে নিন বিস্তারিত

4. How to Diagnose Skin Type?

Answer: The best scientific way to diagnose skin type is to get a medical skin test. Skin test can also be done at home using blotting paper in the initial method. Apply the blotting paper to different areas of your skin. Then pick it up and look at the light. If it contains a lot of oil, then your skin type is oily. And if you have less oil then you have to understand that your skin is dry skin. However, if the nose is a little more oily than your cheeks, then there is nothing to be surprised.

Top 10 Things that Girls Secretly Search for The MostThe latest home method of skin test is to clean the face and observe it after one hour. Even after an hour, if you have oily and fatty secretions on your face, then your skin is oily. But if no change is seen then your skin is dry skin. And if your nose and forehead become a little shiny then your skin is normal.

5. Are Tattoos Harmful to the Skin?

Answer: Tattoos are not harmful for everyone. However, many people who have permanent tattoos have complained that their skin problems have increased due to tattoos. That means there is a risk in tattoos. So if you want to be completely safe then it is better not to get tattooed. And if you have to get a tattoo, you can do it with a good parlor and a good artist.

চুলের যত্ন নিবেন কিভাবে

6. How Many Days will I Shampoo My Hair?

Answer: Shampoo should be applied only when dirt accumulates on the hair and scalp. However, if the shampoo is applied for a certain period of time, the hair stays good. In addition to shampooing for hair care, oils, conditioners, volumizers and other things should also be used. Many people think that shampooing every day can ruin their hair. But if your hair becomes ugly every day, then you have to shampoo it every day. There will be no harm in this.

7. How to Get Rid of Puffiness Under the Eyes?

Top 10 Things that Girls Secretly Search for The Most

Answer: Cucumber and potato slices and ice or sleeping routine to get rid of puffiness under the eyes, you can get rid of eyebags or puffiness of the eyes. However, do not use anything harsh. Because it can damage your eyesight. And if the eyebrows are not removed then contact a dermatologist.

8. How to Make Smoky Eye Makeup?

A: There are a lot of articles on the internet about how to do smoky eye makeup. Whichever method you choose, work accordingly. But never combine the two methods, but it can be dangerous. This can cause eye damage. And only use cosmetics that have been tested in ophthalmology.

মেহেদী ডিজাইন দেখুন

9. How to Get Wrinkle-Free Skin?

Answer: If you want to get wrinkle-free skin, start skin care from the beginning. After the age of 30, you need to take extra care of your skin. But if you wait to read the ballerina and then want to get rid of it, you are wrong. The first sign of wrinkles is bhajpara on the forehead. There are various articles on various home remedies for skin wrinkles. Take care of your skin with patience.

10. How to Apply Concealer?

Answer: No girl learns to apply concealer in one day. Also what type of concealer you are using is a consideration. Again not all girls use concealer. Those who have any marks or blemishes on their skin must buy concealer. Before buying concealer, you need to cross-check whether it is suitable for your skin tone and whether it can fulfill your purpose. There are different types of concealer. As a result, you need to know before buying.

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