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In this age of information technology, online income is a very common thing. Until a few days ago, people used to despise when they heard about online income. But people have changed a lot. Currently, many people have started working online to fill the employment gap in the country. Hundreds of people are becoming self-sufficient by earning income online. Today we will discuss about online income sources. বাংলায় পড়ুন

We can make income online from different sources. And every year many young people are becoming self-sufficient by earning income online. There are various sources of online income, but you need to be very careful. Because there are many of these sources from which you can be a victim of fraud. So today I will share with you some income sources from which you can earn income online. So let’s talk about online income sources.

How to Make Money Online

How to make money online. We can earn money online in different ways. In that case we have to find the online sources and work properly. Today we will tell you about some of the online sources from which you can earn big money every month. At present, various youths of the country are earning a lot of money from these sources and have become self-reliant. These sources include Freelancing, Website Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Design, Survey Search & Review, Virtual Assistant, Translation, Online Social Media, Webdesign, Content Writing, Blogging, YouTube, PTC.

Here we will discuss about 5 sources. Click on the link below to know about the rest. Find out how to make a living at home here

ঘরে বসে ইনকাম করার উপায় দেখুন এখানে

So let’s find out about 5 sources.

5 Online Income Sources

We will discuss five online income sources at this stage in our discussion. Click on the link above to see the rest of the income sources discussed in detail in another post. So let’s take a look at five important online income sources. From which you can earn 20 to 30 thousand or more per month.

Social media

You may have already noticed that income can be earned through social media like Facebook Snapchat etc. Brands of various organizations pay a lot of money to social media managers for their brand promotion work. In order to attract and promote customers online, creativity is required, but it would be better if you could post various videos on Facebook or other media and make it viral. But it takes a lot of patience to hold them, including creating end followers on Facebook or other social media.

Web design

You can earn a lot of money every month by designing the web. Nowadays the demand for online work in web design is huge. Any project can easily earn from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Not all business people are technology savvy through web design. Can stand Web designers are also needed to update the management of the website, so that the web designer does not have to sit down. Clients can also increase their income based on the work of web designers.

Content Writing

If you are good at writing then content writing can be a good online income source for you. Also if you can write fluently in multiple languages ​​then there will be no shortage of work for you. You can gain skills by working or writing on online platforms. Earnings can be made based on the quality of the article. Work grandfather can ask to write according to certain principles. If you can improve your skills in a particular subject or niche, the stream of income also increases.


If you want, you can make a lot of money by blogging and online. Many can write a lot about hobbies. However, if the hobby can be used, then you can meet the hobby. And you can earn money online. There are two ways to earn money from blogs. One is to create your own blog site and start a free block on WordPress or Tumblr platform or you can buy your own domain hosting and start the block if you want. It is better to start your own block because you have the opportunity to make many changes according to your needs. You can earn money from blogs in various ways like instant article product review on Facebook. It takes up to a few years to earn regular content updates on the blog. They have to work hard to keep it active. If you can do it properly, it is possible to earn a lot of money from blogging.

Earn from YouTube

There are currently very few people who use the internet and don’t know about YouTube. We waste most of our time scrolling through YouTube and watching different videos. We can use this time to earn a lot of money every month from YouTube. You can earn money by opening your own YouTube channel and uploading their videos. From there, you can decide what category and what kind of videos you want to put in your channel. So it is wise to upload tasteful and instructive content. Uploading videos on YouTube and creating content on blogging is the same thing as content being published on YouTube only in the form of videos. If you subscribe to the channel and watch videos, your income will continue to increase. As per thousand views.

In today’s discussion we have given information about five years of online income. Also click here to see more detailed information.


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