Total Cost of Bangabandhu Satellite

Total Cost of Bangabandhu Satellite: Bangladesh’s first own satellite is Bangabandhu Satellite. Bangladesh has spent about 2765 crore taka to build Bangabandhu satellite. Initially the budget was 2967.95 crore taka for the implementation of the whole project but later the total cost was 2765 crore taka. The cost and other details of Bangabandhu Satellite have been mentioned in detail through our today’s discussion. For those of you who want to know more about Bangabandhu Satellite, today’s discussion will definitely come in handy. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Bangladesh has spent 1,315 crore taka to build the Bangabandhu satellite and the rest came from foreign funding. Orbital slots have been purchased from Russia for 15 years for this satellite. However, Bangladesh’s first own satellite Bangabandhu Satellite 1 can last up to 18 years.

If you want to know more about Bangabandhu Satellite, read our today’s discussion carefully from beginning to end. I am presenting to you all the detailed information about Bangabandhu Satellite 1 Agra through today’s discussion.

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Type of Bangabandhu Satellite

There are 9,000 satellites in space from more than 50 countries. There are many types of these. Satellites include weather satellites, observation satellites, navigation satellites, etc.

Bangabandhu Satellite 1 is a communication and broadcasting satellite. Bangabandhu 1 satellite is expected to make a new history in communication and broadcasting for Bangladesh. It is hoped that this will reduce the cost of communication and broadcasting.

Total Cost of Bangabandhu Satellite

The weight of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 is 3.6 tons. Bangabandhu Satellite 1 was designed and built by French company Thales Alenia Space. The rocket through which Bangabandhu Satellite 1 was sent into space was made by SpaceX in the United States. And Bangabandhu has been launched from the satellite launch. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

By launching Bangabandhu Satellite 1 into space, Bangladesh has been added to the list of 57th country to launch its own satellite. The authorities informed that the entire amount of money spent on building and launching the Bangabandhu satellite could be earned within the next 6 years.Bangabandhu-Satellite

Footprint of Bangabandhu Satellite

The position of Bangabandhu Satellite is 119.1 degrees east longitude orbit. The footprint or coverage of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 extends from Indonesia to Tajikistan.

This satellite will best cover the whole of Bangladesh through its powerful QUC band. In addition, the member countries of the Philippines and Indonesia will get the benefit of Bangabandhu Satellite 1.

It has been informed that it is possible to bring the full cost of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 within the next 6 years by spreading its benefits worldwide. Total Cost of Bangabandhu Satellite.

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Bangabandhu Satellite Launch

The launch of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida was completed at 2:14 pm on May 16, 2022. Falcon-9 is the name of the rocket that was sent into space by Bangabandhu Satellite of Space X, a private space research institute of USA. Bangladesh’s first satellite reached orbit at 2:48 a.m., 33 minutes after the launch of the Bangabandhu satellite.

The full amount including the cost of Bangabandhu Satellite will come up within the next 6 years, the authorities said. And it is said that Bangladesh will benefit from all aspects through this satellite.


Bangabandhu Satellite Uses

The main task of Bangabandhu Satellite will be to ensure the satellite service of the TV channels. DTH or Direct to Home service can be launched through Bangabandhu Satellite 1. Total Cost of Bangabandhu Satellite.

Satellite connectivity can be ensured in places where optic cable or submarine cable could not be reached.

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Bangabandhu Satellite Operation

It took 11 days for the satellite to reach its orbit after covering 35,006 kilometers from Earth station. And within the next 3 months Bangabandhu Satellite 1 was fully ready for work. For the first three years after the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite 1, the game was maintained with the help of India.

And after the completion of three years, the entire responsibility of its maintenance was given to the Bangladeshi engineers. Bangabandhu Satellite 1 is being controlled from Bedbunia Earth Station in Gazipur and Rangamati in Bangladesh.

All the information related to Bangabandhu Satellite 1 including the cost of Bangabandhu Satellite, work of Bangabandhu Satellite 1 has been mentioned in today’s discussion. I hope all of you have come to know the necessary information about Bangabandhu Satellite 1 through today’s discussion.

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