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Today we present to you a fun topic. And that is the various uses of nail polish. Nail polish is one of the most popular nail polish products. বাংলায় পড়ুন

However, there are many people who can’t see either nail polish or nail polish. They can also read this post if they want, because through this post we will discuss various uses of nail polish. In other words, beyond the beauty of the nails, we can talk about what else we can do with this nail polish lying at home. So let’s learn about the various uses of nail polish

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There are many benefits to keeping the keys together in our daily lives. If you put the pictures in different places, the chances of getting lost are high but if you put them together, the chances of getting lost are much less. The keys are also available together when needed. However, there are advantages to keeping the keys together as well as some disadvantages. For example, you need to open the door quickly and go inside, but because you have so many keys together, you do not know which key to lock that door. To avoid this problem, you can apply red nail polish on the key you need. In this way, if you apply nail polish of different colors on each key, you will never have any difficulty in understanding which one is for which lock. So it became the solution to your problem.

Photo: Collected from the Internet

Again, suppose that the leather of the shoe is slightly raised somewhere along the way. No reason to worry. There are various colors of nail polish available in the market that you can buy to match the color of your shoes. Then paint the torn part of the shoe with nail polish. If you don’t pay special attention, there is no possibility of being caught with the naked eye. Then suppose your beautiful bag is slightly torn or scratched. If you apply a little blue polish on the color of the bag, you will not be able to understand it anymore. No one but you understands the news in your bag. In this way, you can fix the small things with the help of nail polish by using a little intellect in all cases of fridge and fan.

Leaving your jewelry at home for a while doesn’t make you look old. To solve this, you can apply water color nail polish on your pendant, bangle or bracelet at the beginning. Jewelry will look like new for a long time. Since jewelry is a thing of the past, one more thing to say here is that you are going to an event and you are wearing a blue sari but the color of the jewelry stone on your neck set is green. You can apply blue nail polish on the stones of your neck set. You can pick up the blue polish by returning from the ceremony. We can also use nail polish for various purposes.

You will send a letter somewhere. You can’t find any glue in your hand to close the mouth of the letter envelope. You have clear nail polish. The solution became a matter of days. ring-with-hand

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Your matchstick doesn’t want to burn. Apply nail polish on the nails in the same way as you apply nail polish on the nails. Then check if it is burning?
You will notice that many times when you wear a ring, the metal stains fall on your fingers. So before you wear the ring, apply a little clear nail polish on the ring, then you will see that there will be no marks on your finger.

You can also draw as you wish on the wall or on the flower top or with your nail polish. You can also have a beautiful painting with frozen nail polish.

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