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Virtual Reality : Have you ever been to the moon or swam in the middle of the ocean? I know you never did that. It seems impossible to you now. But if I say you can do this! In fact, these can now be done very easily using Virtual Reality. Stay in the environment and you can feel any imaginary environment created through Virtual Reality. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Let me simplify the matter with an example. Suppose you are a school teacher in Dhaka. You are trying to tell your students in details about Cox’s Bazar beach. But somehow some students do not understand that. In this case you took those students to the computer lab and there they all wore special helmets on their heads and special equipment with special clubs in their hands and shoes. Then the students each saw that they had come to the beach of Cox’s Bazar and the huge sea and sea waves were crashing in front.

They can hear the sound of the sea waves and feel the cold water of the sea in their hands. Tarash is walking in the classroom but they feel like they are walking on the beach.

In fact, this experience is Virtual Reality. Which is not real but is as true as real. Virtual reality makes every impossible task possible by creating three-dimensional images. Anyone who wants to can have a house in their imagination or dream on the land of the moon or in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean or on a beach. It is a computer controlled environment where one can feel the emotional feeling as real as the reality with that environment. But many of us do not know what is Virtual Reality? How it works. So let’s get to know the details about these

স্মার্ট হব কিভাবে? স্মার্ট হয়ে ওঠার সহজ উপায়

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an English word. Virtual reality consists of the words Virtual and Reality. The word Virtual means front and the word Reality means reality. However, this reality can only be felt by people. Virtual reality is a fantasy world in which people are concerned about the consciousness of reality. Simply put, Virtual Reality is a science-based fantasy that is not real in the true sense of the word, but a consciousness of reality that will take you to a different world.

It is based on computer technology and simulation theory. Using computer technology, three-dimensional images are created here that bring many impossible events to the user’s attention. It is a world created by computers using 3D and 5d technology in which you can feel both physically and mentally.

Virtual Reality

Whicn Materials Needed to Create an Environment of Virtual Reality

Below are the materials needed to create a Virtual Reality environment

  • Reality engine or simulator
  • Input and output sensor devices
  • Head mounted display
  • Dettol gloves
  • A full body suit
  • Audio device
  • User

Virtual Reality Steps

  • The first step in Virtual Reality is to create a virtual environment with computer-generated three-dimensional images.
  • Second, the user has to follow the movement and change according to the three-dimensional image
  • If you look to the right, you will see a picture on the right.

How to Virtual Reality Work

Virtual reality works with the help of many devices. There is a special kind of spectacles or helmet where three different dimensions are created by seeing two different scenes in two eyes. Sometimes the feeling is created by seeing different scenes on one screen.

To accomplish these processes, computers use hardware and software to create a realistic three-dimensional image of an environment or event, so Virtual Reality is an artificial environment created by hardware and software.

And to create this environment, powerful computer sensitive graphics are used. The difference between normal graphics and virtual graphics is that the emphasis is on sound and touch. Is

Virtual Reality

The use of graphics on a high-powered computer manages the process of remote management, as well as the creation of the actual sound so that the words seem to be uttered from a particular place.

History of Virtual Reality

The first stereoscope was invented in 1831. Twin mirrors were used to project an image with this stereoscope. Morton Hailing invented virtual reality technology in 1956. Virtual reality was first used in the mid-1980’s when the editor of Visual Program Lab (VPL) Research began developing gear with Google and blogs. He later called it virtual reality. The multimedia device he created is known as Sensorama and in earlier times it was called VR System.

Types of Virtual Reality

There are basically five types of Virtual Reality. Which is highlighted below

  • Fully-immersive Virtual Reality
  • Semi-immersive Virtual Reality
  • Non-immersive Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Collaborative VR

Fully-immersive Virtual Reality

Fully-immersive virtual technology is used to capture the full real experience of the virtual world. It will feel like you are in a completely different world, you will feel like you are physically present in that virtual world and you will be able to feel it physically. The funny thing is that everything that happens in the virtual world will seem to be true, but this kind of Virtual Reality is very expensive.

Fully-immersive Virtual Reality
Fully-immersive Virtual Reality

Fully-immersive Virtual Reality technology uses technological helmet gloves and some body connectors to enjoy the imaginary environment. Body connectors are connected to powerful computers. By recognizing every movement you make physically and the simple blinking of your eyes, they are placed in the virtual world so that you feel completely in the virtual world.

টাকার সঙ্গে সুখের সম্পর্ক, যা বলছেন বিশেষজ্ঞরা

Semi-immersive Virtual Reality

It is a kind of Virtual Reality where a mixture of Non Immersive and Fully-immersive Virtual Reality occurs. It creates the kind of virtual world where you’re using a computer skin or VR box and helmet.

Semi-immersive Virtual Reality
Semi-immersive Virtual Reality

You don’t need to use any physical activity here, you can just enjoy the virtual world through virtual experience.

Non-immersive Virtual Reality

Some of these virtual experiences are called Non-immersive Virtual Reality in which you can control the characters and activities inside the software, but in this Virtual Reality you will not be associated with the entire virtual world. Suppose you are playing a high graphics or realistic computer game. In this case you might think of a game called Call of Duty Bottom Rider.

Non-immersive Virtual Reality
Non-immersive Virtual Reality

In this game you will be able to control the gaming characters in your own way which has its own unique animation and structure. Every work environment and feature here interacts with the characters inside the game but not with you.

Various gaming devices such as PlayStation Xbox computers provide a feeling of non-immersive Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality

Suppose you take a picture of your house on a mobile phone and leave a cartoon character or an object there. Now you will see the cartoon character of the house on the screen of your phone. But that will not be the case. You may not understand. Let me make it easier.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

It is mainly used by traders. Suppose you went to buy furniture for your room. Now the shopkeeper will let you place the furniture of your choice in your room through Augmented Reality. You will feel like you are arranging the furniture in your room. This way you can see what kind of furniture will look good in your room and then buy it.

সফলতা অর্জনের ১০ টি কথা

Collaborative VR

This Virtual Reality is much better quality and modern. In this virtual world created by technology, people from different places can join and come to the same virtual environment.

Collaborative VR
Collaborative VR

The main purpose of this Virtual Reality is to cooperate among the people. Suppose this Virtual Reality is used for different purposes and purposes

  • In child education
  • Training and practice of doctors
  • Gaming
  • Car driving training
  • Aviation training
  • War training in the army
  • In business trade
  • In space missions
  • Games made
  • In urban development
  • Military training and coaching
  • Sports
  • In the field of education
  • Safety training
  • In the case of entertainment
  • Job training
  • Sales training
  • Virtual meeting
  • Architecture or industrial design

Advantage of Virtual Reality

Some of the benefits of Virtual Reality are mentioned below

  • Virtual reality is benefiting a lot in the field of education and training.
  • It is possible to feel the environment in any imaginary world.
  • Very profitable in the case of gaming
  • You can be completely safe during training and coaching

Disadvantage of Virtual Reality

The difficulties of Virtual Reality are given below

  • The cost and complexity are high and the software or programs used in this technology are also very valuable and expensive.
  • May cause eye and hearing loss.
  • Harmful to health
  • Wandering in the world of imagination
  • Inhumanity etc.

We have covered all the details about Virtual Reality through this discussion. Hope you find out more about Virtual Reality. You can visit our website regularly to get all such interesting information.

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