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What is a domain? The first thing you need to know to launch a website is domain and hosting key. There are many domain hosting service providers from which to purchase domains and hosting. To run a website you need to know what domain and hosting are. What is Domain and Hosting and how Domain and Hosting works is discussed in detail on our website. Through this post we will highlight the detailed information about Domin. And in the next discussion we will highlight the detailed information about hosting so after completing this post you will move on to the second post. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What is a Domain?

Domain: Each website has a specific IP address, such as: But remembering a website with an IP address is a lot of trouble. For this reason, the domain name is used instead of the IP address for the convenience of remembering. Domain names are also used to identify one or more computers on the Internet. Domain name usually means the name of a website. For example,,, etc. Every human being, animal or object has a nickname that identifies that person, animal or object. Similarly, each website also has a specific name. is the first commercial domain name.

The computer firm Symbolics of Cambridge registered with TLD com on March 15, 1985. About 190 million domain names were registered in December 2009.

স্মার্টফোনের বিকল্প হিসেবে নতুন প্রযুক্তির ভবিষ্যৎবাণী করলেন বিল গেটস

How Domains Work

When we type the domain name in our web browser and then press the enter button to know what actually happens, we can understand how the domain name works. Take a look at the picture below, then it will be helpful to understand the matter.

What is a domain? How Domains Work?

When we type a web address into any browser to visit a website and press the Enter key, the browser first searches for the IP address and sends a request to the global network which then changes to the Domain Name System (DNS).

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These servers then look up the name servers associated with the domain and forward the request to those name servers. And these name servers are the computers that the hosting company manages. And then the hosting company will forward the request to the computer where the website is stored.
The web host then sends the website files to the browser on request so that we can see the website.

Types of Domains

There are different types of domains. There are four types of domains based on extensions.

  • Top level domain
  • Country level domain
  • Free domain
  • Subdomain

Top Level Domain

The domain with the highest extension is called the top level domain. This type of domain has to be bought with money. Search engines place more importance on this type of domain and visitors also know this type of domain more. These are examples of top level domains like .com, .org, .info, .net etc. What is a domain?

What is a domain? How Domains Work?

Country Level Domain

Domains with extensions that point to a specific country are called country level domains. A website with a country level domain is able to attract more visitors than any website with a top level domain. Since country level domains target people in specific countries, it is best not to use country level domains in websites designed for multiple countries. Extensions like .bd for Bengali, .in for India, .us for United States, etc. are examples of cut-level domains.

গুগল একাউন্ট এবং জিমেইল একাউন্ট এর মধ্যে পার্থক্য

Free Domain

There are domains with extensions that do not have to be paid for. These domains can be registered for free from various websites. is one of them. Domains with extensions like .tk, ml, .cf etc. are examples of free domains. If you want to create a website for practice or hobby then you can use a free domain. However, if you want to build a website for a professional job, it would be wise to buy a top level domain by spending some money. What is a domain?


Subdomains do not need to be purchased separately from any organization. Purchasing a domain can create multiple subdomains within that domain. is an example of this domain. I bought this domain and now I use subdomain under this domain. I can create multiple domains like this. What is a domain?

Premium Domain

Premium domains are those types of domains that have high ratings. Owners of different domains use their talents and hard work to turn a simple domain into a hierarchical domain and then sell it to different organizations or individuals at a much higher price.

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Any Other Way Without Domain?

The answer to this question is yes. However, that alternative method is much more complicated. Do you think your parents didn’t give you a name after you were born? What will people call you now? The 3rd son of Tamuk in such and such area. Something like that. Then people will have more trouble recognizing you than any other person. If you want to use this alternative method. Each website has a specific IP address that looks a lot like 00.534.629.54.66. And it’s hard to remember. So the origin of the domain to solve this problem. What is a domain?

Anyone can create and visit a website using the IP address. But getting into so much trouble in this age is really badd incongruous.

In today’s discussion we have covered all the details about the domain. If you have read our discussion carefully, it is hoped that you will know all the information about the domain. We have covered the details of hosting in the next discussion. So click here for detailed information about hosting. Thanks for staying with us.

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