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QR code is a very common barcode. This QR code is a two dimensional and upgraded version. We’ve all seen the barcode thing. Any product that has a long black line in white on the back cover of a book is called a barcode. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Barcodes are mainly used to express the identity number of a product. Such codes are used to make any brief information easy and readable to the device very quickly. Optical mark recognition technology is faster, less expensive and more accurate than optical character recognition technology, so it is very suitable for presenting any information to the device. The same thing is done with the barcode or key code national code. The text of any character is represented by some machine readable mark.

What is QR Code

The use of QR code is not as limited as that of barcodes. Its use is very wide. Bar codes where only numbers and a handful of characters work. There are more than 4 thousand Unicode characters supporting QR Code. As a result, it is possible to use any type of word, not just product identity or numbers. And for all these reasons, the QR code has spread widely.

Use of QR Code

Even a few days ago, the use of QR code was not very much in our country. Now the best use of QR code is available. Payment systems, especially the mobile banking system development app, has seen its use spread significantly. But you can use this QR code in different cases if you want. E.g.

  • Phonebook sharing
  • Business card sharing
  • WiFi sharing
  • Website address exchange
  • Any kind of link sharing
  • Payment system

In addition to these fields, there are thousands of other types of code that can be used. You can publish any information written in the character according to your needs through this QR code. This QR code will be readable by any device that has a camera.

How to create QR code?

Using either a smartphone or a computer, you can easily create the QR code you need. You can create QR codes online or offline. Let’s discuss them in detail

Create QR codes online

There are many websites online through which you can create QR codes. Do a Google search and you will find many websites. But if you go to any site, you will not get all the opportunities to create QR code very easily. But today I will talk about two sites in front of you. From where you can easily create QR codes professionally or commercially starting from satisfying personal curiosity.


The-Qrcode-Generator- If you go here, you don’t have to worry about registration, it doesn’t matter about payment. Just go to this address The-Qrcode-Generator, select what to create the QR code for the job then write your information then the QR code will be generated next to it. When you have finished typing, click on the save text, enter a name of the file and save it, then it will be downloaded. Very simple anyone can use it to create QR code.


This is a website open to all, professional or novice. You will find all the possible features of QR code on this site. From creating hassle-free simple QR codes to factor formatted downloads with design logos and even creating dynamic QR codes on this website. You can use this site in two ways with or without registration. However, if you use it without registration, you can create only five types of key barcodes. But if you register then you can enjoy all kinds of features. And can generate any type of QR code. For this you need to enter Qr-Code-Generator at this address

How to create QR code offline

Online paid, non-paid registration is a bit of a hassle. However, if you do not mind the general code without the design or logo, you can rely on offline software or apps.

To create a QR Code for something on a computer, download the software at the source source below. It is absolutely free and you will find it here in two versions of Windows. Once you download and install it as required, you will be able to create the QR code you need from certain options. Download link here

You can also do this from your smart phone if you want. If you are an Android user, then go to the Play Store and search for Barcode Generator, you will get a completely free ad-free app. If you have difficulty understanding, you can download it from here. Once installed, you can open the Add Code and then create the QR Code you want from the QR Code option.

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