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Even if you are using the latest iPhone, Pixel, Samsung devices that are currently on the market, you may not know about an option that is in the smartphone. And that is the E-SIM card. E-SIM card is a smart or newer version of traditional E-SIM card. Where an E-SIM is already attached to the motherboard of the device. Just like NFC is installed on your smart phone. That’s how e-SIMs are installed in the new smartphones. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The new iPhone and Pixel phones are completely different from the previous phones. Because for the first time customers will get the opportunity to use dual SIM card from these phones. The biggest advantage is that iPhone users will get the opportunity to use dual SIM. IPhone users will now be able to use E-SIM as well as physical SIM. The numbers of the two SIMs will be different and the connection will be different.

At present new technologies are gaining popularity very fast. However, this popularity will increase further if E-SIM facility is used in mid-range smartphones. Now you may be wondering what is E-SIM, how it works and how good it is or what are its advantages and disadvantages. Today I will try to answer all those questions. If you want to know all the details about E-SIM, read that post carefully. So let’s start the discussion.

What is E-SIM card? (E-SIM CARD)

The short form of Embedded SIM Card is E-SIM Card or E-SIM CARD. E-SIM is a digital embedded E-SIM card. The technology that the traditional SIM card in your phone uses connects your phone to the cell network. E-SIM works in a similar way. E-SIMs are usually 10 times smaller than any other SIM card. These E-SIM cards do not need to be inserted in the phone like other SIM cards. Instead, these E-SIM cards are attached to the motherboard where the smartphone is made. That is why this E-SIM card is considered as the hardware of the smartphone. Another thing is that it is not possible to take out the E-SIM card of this phone. The technology is currently used on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and the E-SIM card is used on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12P. Also the Pixel 3 Pixel 3xl and the new Pixel 4, Pixel XL smartphones are built with this technology to support E-SIM.

This E-SIM card does not need to be opened or inserted. This means that if you want to change the number of this E-SIM card, you have to do it virtually. E-SIM is virtually rewritable. This means that it can write different SIMs as desired and you can uninstall the previous SIM. So installing E-SIM is much easier.

IPhone Pixel and Samsung’s flagship premium phones usually have a physical SIM card as well as an E-SIM card. So you can take advantage of dual SIM from now on by introducing E-SIM in phones. E-SIM is now available in almost all new phones in the world. So if you have an iPhone 11, Pixel or Samsung flagship phone and if your mobile operator supports E-SIM, then you can use E-SIM on your phone.

How E-SIM works

E-SIM card is a part of smartphone hardware. And it will not be active until you download the operator profile. You can do all kinds of work with E-SIM just like a normal SIM card. Until recently, Bluetooth was used to connect iPhone smartwatches, but now with E-SIM, you can access smartwatches, fitness bands, or any wireless device directly from your phone using the mobile network.

Advantages of E-SIM

As a result of using E-SIM, you will get the benefit of dual SIM in all the phones which had the advantage of using only one physical SIM. For example, both iPhone XS and XX Max phones have the opportunity to use one physical SIM. Here you cannot use 2 SIMs even if you want to. But due to E-SIM you can enjoy the benefits of two different operators.

A big advantage of E-SIM is that it is very small in size. E-SIM 10 times smaller than normal SIM. It is three times smaller than Nano SIM. Just think how small it can be. The E-SIM is attached to the motherboard so it saves a lot of space or saves space. This makes it possible to put the battery in the phone bigger and it is convenient to install many different devices.

Since the E-SIM is attached to the motherboard, there is no need to carry a pin in the pocket to open the SIM. The biggest advantage of E-SIM is that E-SIM can be availed from any operator so when you go anywhere outside the country you don’t have to worry about buying a SIM from that country separately. You can go to another country and register a new SIM just by calling or downloading an app from the operator. You can set up with E-SIM.

Since this SIM will be given in built-in way so there will be no fear of losing that SIM. And SIM tracking will become much easier. As a result, it will be easier to find your lost phone.

Disadvantages of E-SIM

The big problem with E-SIM card is that if you change your phone, you will not be able to change any SIM from one phone to another like physical SIM. Moreover, if for some reason your smartphone is damaged but you want to open the SIM and put it in another phone but you can not do this.

In addition, if you want to open the SIM and connect it to your modem or any other device, you can not do with E-SIM.
However, if the SIM becomes more popular in the future, then the technology may be more advanced and then it may be possible to transfer SIM from one phone to another. Maybe just by scanning the QR code, your phone’s SIM can be transferred to another room. However, in that case, security needs to be improved.

Use of E-SIM in Bangladesh

Recently, the use of e-sum has started in Bangladesh. Grameen Phone of Bangladesh has launched for the first time. Grameenphone operator said that it will be available in the market from March 7. Grameenphone customers will be able to enjoy connectivity without a plastic card on devices that support E-SIM services. This information was given to Grameenphone in a notification on Tuesday. If you want to get new connection with Grameenphone, experience in Dhaka and Chittagong

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