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What is Hosting ঃ Already We discuss what is domain? How does Domain work? We have discussed detailed information about domains. If you haven’t read the detailed post about the domain then click here to know the detailed information about the domain. The two things that are essential for a website are domain and hosting. As we have already discussed in detail about the domain so the topic of our discussion today is all the details about hosting. So if you read these two posts carefully, you will know all the information about domain and hosting. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What is Hosting

Suppose you want to build a house, then what do you need first? Land. Yes, a house is built on a piece of land. Similarly, when we go to build a website, we need land or space. All in all, hosting is where the files of the website are kept.

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Website files are stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet and is open 24 hours a day. There are many companies that offer free or paid hosting services on the Internet.

What is Hosting

How Does Hosting Work?

When an Internet user searches by typing the domain name into a browser, the domain name is converted to an IP address, requesting the web hosting company’s computer, and the hosting computer immediately sends it back to the visitor’s browser. This allows visitors to view the website in a browser.

ডোমেইন কি? ডোমেইন এর কাজ কি?

Types of Hosting

Hosting is divided into four categories based on convenience. That is

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Managed Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting server that stores data on multiple websites by sharing space. For example, a hosting company has a computer with a 100 GB hard disk, now they have replaced this 100 GB 50 website with 2 GB space. Such hosting server is considered as shared hosting server. Because there are 50 websites that have shared their data by sharing space. Today we will discuss What is Hosting

Shared hosting is basically more popular than any other hosting server. Shared hosting costs a bit less than any other hosting server. This is the reason for its popularity. This is why different website owners use shared hosting for their websites. But there are some problems or difficulties in using shared hosting. For example, there are several limitations to using shared hosting. Many websites use shared hosting together, which can sometimes lead to server slow down. If the site slows down due to more visitors coming to one website then its effect can be felt on other websites as well.

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Shared hosting is good for websites that are relatively new and have less visitors, and if the website has a lot of visitors, for example, if a website has 20 to 25 thousand visitors daily, then it is better not to use shared hosting.

VPS Hosting Server

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Such servers are not shared between multiple users. Here a server is occupied by only one user. Hosting service providers create their own servers in a special process on their highly configured computers. It then rents separately to each user.

What is Hosting

Having only one user on such a server makes loading much faster and much more secure than shared hosting. And only one website is set up on a single server because all its power is in the hands of the user. The only problem with VPS hosting server and set is that it costs a little more. Today we will discuss What is Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated webserver is a type of server where only one server is installed on a computer. And only one user uses that server. This means that there is only one user in a whole building.

There are two types of dedicated hosting servers.

Managed hosting – Managed hosting server is a type of hosting server on which the server maintenance, software installation, configuration, etc. are done by the hosting service provider. The customer does not have to do anything. That is why the price of such servers is also higher.

Unmanaged hosting – Unmanaged hosting server is a type of hosting server on which the server maintenance, software installation, configuration, etc. are not done by the hosting service provider, but the customer himself.

No other hosting server has the same freedom and privileges as a dedicated server. And going to find is also a kind of stupidity. The security on such servers is very high and the site loading speed is super fast. Today we will discuss What is Hosting

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WordPress Managed Hosting

The popularity of WordPress in terms of website creation is now at its peak. 36% of all worldwide websites + websites are created with WordPress. The demand for WordPress is so high that hosting service providers have developed a kind of hosting server for building websites only with WordPress. This type of server is a WordPress managed hosting server. And no platform other than WordPress can be installed on such a server. Today we will discuss What is Hosting

ডোমেইন কি? ডোমেইন এর কাজ কি?

In this discussion you will find all the information about hosting. The domain has already been discussed in detail in another post. If you want you can see from the link below. Today we will discuss What is Hosting

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