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Red lentil is one of the staple food grains of Bangladesh. Again, it can be called a well-known food in Bengali cuisine. There are some families in Bangladesh that do not survive a day without lentils. It is not that those who do not know Bengali and lentils. বাংলাতে পড়ুন

The use of lentil pulses in residential hostels or mess establishments is excessive. Lentils can be called the queen of all pulses. The nutritional value of lentils and its taste is different from all other lentils and much more. Bengalis who do not like lentils may not be found anywhere. Because it is used in the kitchen of every Bengali. Lentils are beneficial in relieving multiple diseases in our body and filling the deficiency of different types of meat in the body. But still many of us are unaware of the quality of lentils and do not know about the benefits of lentils.

Benefits of lentils

Weight control

Lentils are high in fiber which helps us to lose weight as well as make us stronger and reduce the amount of different types of carbohydrates in the body. One of the sources of iron is lentils. As lentils are one of the main sources of iron, lentils help in digestion of food by activating the metabolism of our body which leads to weight loss. Then we can say that lentils help to keep our body’s nutritional value complete as well as reduce weight.

Keep heart active and reducing cholesterol

Lentils keep our heart active and help reduce bad cholesterol from the body. Because of its high protein and fiber content, lentils provide us with adequate oxygen and help keep the body healthy and strong. We also have lentils in our clothes from the accumulation of fat in the heart.

Diabetes Control

Lentils play an important role in controlling diabetes. The role of lentils in controlling blood sugar levels is undeniable. Prevents excess sugar content and helps keep blood sugar levels low. As well as it acts as an important aid in digestion. Diabetes is currently on the rise in our country at such a high rate that lentils are a very useful food.

Helps in digestion

Lentils can easily digest food as it is a high fiber rich food. Lentils help to keep the stomach clean by cleansing the digestive system and relieving constipation

Increase the body’s immunity

The role of lentils in improving the body’s immunity and immunity is undeniable.

Prevention of Cancer

Lentils play an important role in the prevention of complex diseases like cancer.

Protect teeth and bones

Lentils are one of the various sources of nutrients. As it is the highest source of protein and other nutrients, lentils help to strengthen our body from within.

Mental development

Different types of nutrients are present in lentils which helps in accelerating the health of the brain.


Pregnant mothers have a high demand for protein in the body and lentils help to meet this need. Lentils as well as other nutrients of pregnant mothers help the newborn to grow and build its body.

So finally we can say lentils are a big ingredient in our food list. In order to keep one’s body healthy and strong, pregnant mothers need lentils to increase their immunity. So we will try to put lentils in our food list every day or make it a habit to eat lentils four days a week.

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