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Thyroid disease may seem normal, but a thyroid patient understands the severity of the disease. Only a patient can realize how painful this disease is. In the case of a woman, thyroid pathologist Panic is the name given to a woman suffering from this disease, even if she is living a healthy normal life, she is actually facing a lot of problems. Thyroid disease is a hormonal disorder. Growth hormone is secreted from different glands in different parts of our body. One such gland is the thyroid gland. Hormones are secreted from a butterfly-like gland in the front of the throat. Which carries out various activities of the body through blood. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Now the question is what do we mean by this thyroid hormone problem?

Thyroid hormone decreased or increased?

When this thyroid hormone goes down we call it hypothyroidism which is a kind of problem and if this hormone goes up then we call it hyperthyroidism or thyroid toxicosis. This is also a kind of problem. Now let’s find out what problems can occur when thyroid hormone is low: weight gain, body weakness, sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, hair loss, and menstrual problems in girls. Is done.

Treatment of thyroid

Patients with hypothyroidism are given different treatments. For example, children are given one type of treatment or middle-aged people are treated differently and older people are treated differently than children. And if a pregnant woman suffers from this disease, she should be told that she should seek the advice of a hormonal specialist after giving birth. In that case they suggest you different types of medicine, such as: thyrox, thyrin, thyrolar etc. Again, there are some rules for taking these drugs. Many people go to the office after taking the medicine or get busy in any work but it is not right. Gaps should be given at least 2 hours after taking the medicines. Do not take food or other medicines. In this case it is seen that for many people it is not possible to take a break for 2 hours after taking the medicine in the morning. In that case, doctors recommend taking the medicine after their morning prayers or at night. At night they can take food or any other activity with a break of two hours after taking the medicine.

Why do you have to take a break for two hours after taking the medicine?

Because there are many foods or many types of medicines that can ruin the effectiveness of this hypothyroidism medicine. So no food or medicine should be taken for 2 hours after taking hypothyroidism medicine. Again, many people ask that once the medication for this disease is started, should it be taken for life or should it be skipped?

In that case you can take the advice of your doctor. It is seen that in many cases the medicine has to be taken for life and in many cases it can be taken without taking it. Is temporarily played for some time.

Hyperthyroidism or toxicosis

What happens in such cases is that the excess of hormones increases. Symptoms of this disease include restlessness, palpitations, excessive sweating of the palms of the hands and feet, frequent bowel movements, weight loss after overeating, hair loss, and irregular menstruation.

Now the question is how long to take thyroid medicine? In that case we will say- this type of disease usually requires two years of continuous medication. It is often seen that the disease reappears even after taking medicine for two years. In that case you need to consult your doctor.

These thyroid hormone changes can lead to many problems in our life. That is why we should all take the advice of a hormonal specialist and if we take the treatment according to the advice, it is possible to return to a healthy and strong normal life.

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