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What to do If Mobile Phone Falls into the Water? : Although some flagship phones nowadays work to a certain extent as water resistant, mobile phones are traditionally kept out of the water. The relationship between water and mobile phones is somewhat like the pumpkin national relationship. Of course, this is true of all types of electronics. Even submarines that go underwater are made as waterproof. Anyway, let’s go back to the original words without singing Shiva’s song to pretend to be rice. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What should you do if your mobile phone is not waterproof and suddenly gets wet or falls into the water? Today we have come up with the answer to this question. This means that if you read this post with full attention, you will know what you should do if your mobile phone falls into the water.

মোবাইল ফোন চার্জ দেওয়ার সঠিক নিয়ম জানুন

Turn off the Phone

If your favorite mobile phone falls into the water, take it out of the water and turn it off first. You have heard that song of James “I have not fallen in love, love has fallen on me”. Whether the mobile phone falls into the water or the water falls on the mobile phone, turn off the mobile phone immediately. And there is no point in being charged. Immediately disconnect the phone from the charger and turn it off. Don’t forget to charge the phone while it is wet. If your phone is an old model then you must have the option to remove the battery. In that case you remove the battery of the phone.

What to do If Mobile Phone Falls into the Water?

The fastest damage to the phone for water is that the water shortens the circuits of the motherboard. That is short-circuit. If you are a science student then you must know what a short circuit is. Even if you are a student of another department, if you have any idea about the short-circuit thing, it is your personal credit. However this can happen if there is electricity flowing on your phone while it is wet in water but there are many more reasons. In case of short circuit in wet phone, the phone must be switched off at night. If there is an opportunity, it is better to remove the battery.

কোন ধরনের পাওয়ার ব্যাংক ব্যবহার করা ফোনের জন্য

Wash the Phone

Surprised to hear that. No wonder you do this only when your phone falls into the sea or soup. Because seawater contains a lot of salt that can damage your phone’s motherboard. So quickly wash the phone with clean water. However, if you do not wash it carefully, it can be counterproductive. And don’t forget to wash the panbari filled with water.

Don’t Mess with the Phone

Many people are scared and want to take the phone out of the water and shake it to get the water out. Don’t forget to do this. If you shake it back and forth, the water will not come out but the water may go deeper inside.

জিপি সিমের অফার

Can Use Silica Gel

Many times we throw away the silica gel found in the box of the tablet. If you store them at home without throwing them away, you can use them in times of danger. Silica gel is a very nice drawing agent and it absorbs moisture quickly. And you can leave the phone on a towel or tissue paper while waiting for it to dry

What to do If Mobile Phone Falls into the Water?

Don’t Forget the Hair Dryer or the Oven

Many people use hair dryers to dry their phones. But if you fix it with inexperienced hands, the heat of the hair dryer can damage your phone. And don’t forget to try to dry the phone in the microwave like a fool. If you do this, you have to throw the phone in the dustbin instead of drying it.

মোবাইলফোন পানিতে পড়ে গেলে কি করবেন

Wait for it to Dry

If your mobile phone falls into the water, open the battery and turn off the battery and wait for it to dry. It is better not to keep it in direct sunlight. If you have hardware geektype and have appliances at home, you can dry the phone separately in the purse

Take me to the Service Center

If you can’t do so much, turn off the phone, turn off the battery (if possible) and take it straight to a service center or mobile repair shop instead of sitting at home. Don’t waste any time. If you are not unlucky enough, your phone will continue to run as before.

Did your phone ever fall into the water? If you are a victim of such a situation, please share your experience in the comment box.

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