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It hurts when you go to the toilet, blood goes with it, what happened on the way to the toilet, what is the solution ?? বাংলায় পড়ুন

Explain to you what is anal? Anus refers to the place where the stool comes out of the body. The mouth of the anus is usually closed. When we need to, we open the mouth of the anus with pressure and take out the toilet or the contents. There are several things that work together to keep the mouth of the anus closed. Of particular importance is Anal question. It helps to keep the mouth of the anus closed by applying pressure from three directions. If for any reason these three-sided cushions swell, bleed from them and hang down, looking like lumps around the anus, then we call it piles or hemorrhoids.

How can piles affect your body?

1. There may be blood in the stool. Brightly colored blood. It is usually seen that there is a drop of blood on the commode or blood stains in the toilet. Why does bright red blood come out? At the very end of the way out of the toilet, blood is coming out of the cochlear implants on the side of the road. On the other hand, if the hemorrhage has occurred earlier, the type of hemorrhage in the stomach, it clots in the blood vessels, then the color of the blood is mixed with the stool and the color of the stool is black like tar. In that case you have to go to the hospital immediately because you need to check what happened.

2. The cushions may swell and protrude through the anus, making them feel like soft lumps. They usually come out after defecation and can be inserted on their own or inserted with fingers. In some cases it is not possible to insert piles finger.

3. Many people think the pain of the disease? There is usually no pain, but sometimes there is severe pain, such as if there are soft lumps on the outside of the anus and it is not possible to insert them with the fingers, as a result of which the blood flow is stopped and severe pain is felt.

4. Your anus may itch and some slippery things may come out through the anus. It looks like a flash bar which makes you feel like your stomach is not clean even after defecating. You have to defecate again.

Piles medicine and home remedies

An important aspect of the problem of piles is the elimination of constipation. That is why many people eat the husk of these things. Many of us know about this medicine but its proper use or caution is unknown to many. I am giving you a little idea about when to eat it, how to eat it and how much to eat. Mix isabgul bran in adequate amount of water as per the instructions on the packet so that it looks clear and slightly cloudy. Do not leave it after cooking, eat it immediately. Generally, it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day after meals and after eating all these husks. However, never eat Isabgul bran before going to bed at night, if you feel pain or nausea in the abdomen, do not eat, if the mouth of the anus is closed, if your defecation habits suddenly change.

If this change lasts for more than two weeks and the blood flows through the anus and the cause is not known, then you should never eat the husk of these things on your own without the advice of a doctor. This can lead to more side effects, including diarrhea. If there is no change in constipation after three days of use, you must consult a doctor. You can take paracetamol for pain and there are different types of ointments that you can use according to the doctor’s advice. However, in case of piles, some painkillers cannot be taken.

What medicines should not be taken in case of piles

Let’s not know what they are?

1. Tramadol

2. Ibuprofen

Here are 10 ways to reduce the pain of piles with home remedies along with medicine.

1. The place of pain can be soaked in lukewarm water.

2. You can take some ice from a packet and wrap it with a towel and put it on the anus.

3. You can keep your legs high while lying on your back, this will make the blood circulation of the whole thing easier.

4. Keep the anus clean and dry.

5. Do not push too hard while defecating.

6. Can’t defecate for a long time.

7. Do not hold the pressure of the toilet.

8. Make sure you have enough fiber in your diet to get rid of constipation and drink plenty of water.

9. Do regular physical activity or exercise.

10. If you are overweight, reduce it.

If you have piles, when to consult a doctor?

1. If you do not see any improvement in piles after seven days of treatment at home.

2. If there are frequent piles.

3. If the age is more than 55 and the pail appears for the first time.

If you have piles, when to go to the hospital immediately

1. If pus starts to come out from the piles.

2. If there is a high fever, there is shivering and the body feels very weak.

3. If there is continuous bleeding.

4. Although there is a lot of bleeding as the water in the waist has turned red and the wheel is bleeding.

5. If there is very severe pain.

6. If the toilet is black like tar.

If you follow the rules mentioned above, you can get rid of piles many times without surgery. That is why we always say that those who suffer from piles will follow these rules so that your quality of life will be healthy and beautiful.

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