Lip cracking in winter is a daily problem of every human being.  Although the rate of cracking of human lips is higher in winter, the rate of cracking of lip increases a lot in hostile weather between winter and summer.  Although many people use different petroleum jelly chapsticks to prevent chapped lips, it is natural to avoid chapped lips.  Some of the natural ways are discussed below. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Useful ways to avoid Lip cracking

Coconut oil: You can use coconut oil to prevent chapped lips.  This is because coconut oil contains fatty acids along with other ingredients which can prevent chapped lips.  And it can protect you from cracked lips.

Olive oil: Olive oil contains fatty acids which are much more effective in preventing chapped lips.  Olive oil is also called a natural moisturizer.  You can use olive oil two to three times a day to prevent your lips from getting dry.

Aloe vera: There is no substitute for aloe vera juice to prevent chapped lips.  Regular application of aloe vera juice like lip balm will get rid of chapped lips very easily.  Aloe vera is very readily available and you will get a little more benefits from using it.

Ghee: You can use ghee to prevent chapped lips.  Be sure not to use frozen ghee but liquid ghee.

Milk rose petals: Soak rose petals in raw milk and use twice a day.  You will see very good results.  This will make your lips smoother and if you have dark circles, they will go away.

Water: How can water help chapped lips again? Many may think so but in fact it is not so.  When a person drinks enough water, dehydration does not occur in his body.  And his body does not feel healthy so the person who drinks enough water will have much smoother lips.

Fruits: Eat fruits with adequate vitamin C to keep your lips moist.  Then you will see how easily you can get rid of this problem.  Lemon Orange Grapefruit These are rich in vitamin C.

Homemade scrubs: If you have a thick skin covering your lips, nothing will work.  So in that case scrub your lips and then use other ingredients.  If you can’t give a scrub, make a home scrub at home.  Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a small amount of sugar and rub it on the lips then you will get the expected result.

Quit the habit: There are many people who wet their lips with their tongues one after the other.  This cannot be done.  Because even if your lips are temporarily soft, this can cause the skin of your lips to rise and bleed. Even if the skin of the lips rises, never pull or cut with your teeth.  This can increase the risk of chapped lips.

Cosmetics: The role of girls is the most important in the use of cosmetics.  Because in everyday life a girl uses more cosmetics than a boy.  So girls need to be aware of the use of cosmetics.  Of course, good and high quality cosmetics should be used, especially in the case of lipstick.

Finally, we can say that no matter how big the problem of chapped lips is, it can be cured very easily.  There is no need to use expensive cosmetics to prevent chapped lips.  We can get rid of the problem in the home environment and in a natural way if we want, so the tips mentioned above will follow the correct rules and we will easily protect ourselves from blood problems.

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