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T-shirt is a popular garment in our country. From young to middle-aged people, the tendency to wear T-shirts is the highest. Some people fall into old age, but not very much. Battle T-shirts are so popular that people now feel more comfortable wearing a round-neck half sleeve T-shirt than a Sentu Genji. T-shirts are a staple in every season, not winter-summer-monsoon.

Many men wear T-shirts in their daily life. T-shirts are quite comfortable and are appreciated in all seasons. বাংলায় পড়ুন

But you know, looking at the T-shirt you are wearing, women can be attracted to you. Yeah, that is true, recent research says that most women are more attracted to men wearing plain white T-shirts.

White T-shirt

According to the researchers, the women who took part in the survey found that they were 10 percent more attracted to men who wore one-color white T-shirts than to those who designed them. White T-shirts are much more attractive than bright or dark-colored T-shirts. But what has attraction got to do with T-shirts? Researchers have tried to find similarities in this regard. According to them, an illusion works in this case, which attracts women. No other colored T-shirt is as appealing as it is in the case of crisp white T-shirts.

When a woman sees a man wearing a white T-shirt, an illusion works in front of her. And that man doesn’t think it’s an unimaginable man. For this reason, the man’s shoulders are wide and his waist seems slim.

V shape is one of the examples of expressing the beauty of a man. This illusion gives the body an attractive ‘V’ shape. This shape of the body is considered to be a very popular sign of masculinity. That’s why women like to see the first man wearing a white T-shirt. According to researchers at the University of Nottingham Trent, monochromatic white T-shirts are suitable for men who are not ‘out of shape’ or have a proper body shape. Because with the change of clothes it will radically change their personality. So now it is seen that many men are more at risk of wearing white T-shirts than other colors.

White T-shirts attract girls more

The survey also found that men with shapely bodies who wore white T-shirts were more likely to be attracted to women. Thirty women aged 18-25 took part in the survey. They are shown to different men wearing plain white T-shirts. They are then asked to identify their abilities, health, and intelligence by looking at their body shape. And it is seen that the research participants noticed these qualities more towards the men wearing white T-shirts than all the other colored T-shirts and thought that these men are ahead in everything starting from personality.

Then I can say that a white T-shirt is not an option to attract women no matter how smart you think after wearing a T-shirt of other colors. So if you have a small number of white T-shirts and if you want to attract women to yourself, then you must pay attention to wearing white T-shirts.

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