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What we mean by women in Saudi Arabia is women hiding behind big hijabs. In many Islamic countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, women do not have the same freedom or freedom of movement as men do. Saudi Arabia has always preferred to keep women in hijab and veil but now it is coming out. Saudi Arabia and men are employing women in various fields for the empowerment of women. They will. Due to this, instead of 30 women drivers, a total of 28 thousand women submitted applications to that company. The organization said the selected women will have the opportunity to run high-speed trains between the holy city of Mecca and Medina after their one-year training. Saudi Arabia has always lagged in terms of women’s empowerment. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Women’s in Railway Job

Saudi Arabia’s current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is constantly trying to empower women and change the status of women. Earlier, there was no participation of women for all positions in Saudi Arabia, but now the participation of women in the railways that the Saudi Crown Prince is working for is just one example of the work of the Saudi Crown Prince for women’s empowerment. In the past, women were banned from driving in Saudi Arabia, but now it has been lifted. This shows that women’s empowerment and participation in various development activities are increasing day by day in Saudi Arabia. An analysis of the statistics shows that in the last five years, the participation rate of women in Saudi Arabia in various fields is 30 percent higher than the participation of women in the country’s workforce.

According to the BBC, a woman in Saudi Arabia has to rely on men for a variety of issues, including medical marriage and divorce, as everything from jobs in Saudi Arabia is occupied by men, and various human rights organizations are constantly trying to empower women to get out of here.

Women Empowerment in Saudi Arabia

Perhaps the day is not far away when the way women in other countries, including the United States, are dedicating themselves to the welfare of the country and the nation will be noticed in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia does not have the same opportunities for women’s empowerment in other countries. If the Saudi government shows a little leniency in empowering women like other countries, then women like other countries will be able to go to the highest levels of the country and work shoulder to shoulder in all important tasks.

We can say that the day is not far away when we will see women in the important seats of Saudi Arabia working for the empowerment of women in every government sector including business and trade until we give them a chance. There are various activities including medical, health, education where we can fully involve women. There are many areas in Saudi Arabia where women have to work behind the scenes, where they have the opportunity to work with the full screen.

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