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The greatest encouragement for a pregnant woman is to know whether her unborn child is a boy or a girl. It is a matter of the same excitement for every couple and woman who is likely to have children. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, you can understand if you notice some small things. There are certain things from antiquity and antiquity that made a possible conception, and their conception was often correct. In our discussion today we will discuss those issues. Our post is completely scientific and provided by a doctor. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Understand the signs by looking at the boy or girl

If we look at the 6 signs of today’s topic, you will understand that you have a son in your womb, that is, the seven main signs of having a son. Many people want to know how to understand the fetus boy or girl? Because after getting pregnant it is very normal that every pregnant mother wants to know whether the baby growing in my womb is a boy or a girl. Again, many became curious about the name. In fact, it cannot be said with 100% certainty. Again, the ultrasonography report is not 100% accurate, but it can be assumed that the estimate is largely accurate.

1. Abdominal position

In the past, people or our grandmothers used to have an idea that if your belly is hanging down more then you have a son in your womb and if it is up then you are more likely to have a girl.

2. Skin condition or beauty

Many people think that according to the conventional tradition, a girl takes the form of a mother. That is, the beauty decreases and the son increases the beauty of the mother. This means that if you have a baby boy in your womb, you will not have acne or pimples on your face. Your hair will not stick out but will be long and beautiful or if you have a baby girl in your womb you may have scars on your abdomen. These scars may be from the lower abdomen to the navel.

3. Morning Sickness or Morning Sickness

It can be said that if there is a girl child in the womb, the flow of hormones increases. As a result, pregnant mothers feel extra sick in the morning. And if there is a son, then mothers feel relatively healthy in the morning. A study published by The Lancet found that girls who were seriously ill in the morning during pregnancy were more likely to have a baby.

4. The movement of the baby

Boys move less when they have children and girls move more when they have children due to hormones. As a result, the shape or shape of the mother’s abdomen changes, sometimes it looks beautiful and sometimes it looks strange.

5. Taste of mouth

If you have a baby girl in the womb, then chocolate or sweet food becomes more desirable. And if you have children, you prefer salty or salty foods.

6. Abdominal size

It is customary to have a girl child in the womb, the abdomen is elongated, that is, like a watermelon, and if there is a boy child, the abdomen is round, that is, like a ball.

7. Baby heart rate

In many cases, if you have a son, the baby’s heart rate is lower, that is, if your unborn baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 or 140, then your son is going to have a baby.

These signs will help you understand during pregnancy that you are going to be the mother of a son and the mother of a daughter.

If you are likely to have a child then of course today’s post is for you. Although the birth of a son or daughter is a great blessing from God, a pregnant mother is more interested in knowing whether she is a boy or a girl. Above all, I would like to tell you to see the signs and understand whether your unborn child is male or female.

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